Our history

HOLI is one of the most famous festivals in India! It is the festival of colors, celebrated to mark the beginning of spring. LOVE for the love of pretty things, beautiful souvenir objects that recall a trip or an encounter, like the one I am lucky enough to experience with artisans in India.

My name is Julie, I am Belgian and mother of 4 children with whom we love traveling the world.

In 2017, we moved to India to follow my husband's work. Having always loved surrounding myself with beautiful objects full of meaning and history, I began to collect at home what Indian craftsmanship can offer through its richness in terms of design, textures and colors. Little by little, I fell in love with fabrics printed with a wooden block, using the traditional “blockprinting” technique.

I then decided to meet the artisans and launch in 2018 a first small production of bags and accessories produced in accordance with ancestral craft techniques. And this, by combining design and a contemporary and joyful spirit!

The Holi and Love brand was born from an ambition to promote the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship while respecting the environment and people.

This is why these three conditions will always be met in our productions:
1) Respect the traditional know-how of artisans
2) Surround yourself with partners registered in fair trade
3) Only use materials from organic farming

Our partners

Having lived in India, I got to know everyone involved in the production chain on a personal level. This way we can guarantee product quality and environmentally friendly production, as well as the money you spend is not lost to traders or big companies, but rather to support producers and their crafts.

As a fair trade fashion brand, we want to ensure that everyone in the supply chain can make a living from what they earn.

Sustainability is not only important to us when it comes to the production of our raw materials, but it also influences the design of our products. We try to design timeless and very good quality pieces. In the production of our clothing, we aim to produce as little waste as possible and advocate responsible use of resources.