Our eco-responsible commitments


We exclusively use materials from organic farming, a growing system that maintains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. Without pesticides, with natural fertilizers, respectful soil preparation, crop rotation and more restricted water consumption. We receive GOTS certification from our suppliers, which demonstrates an excellent and ecological product.

In addition, our fabric sourcing, printing and manufacturing are concentrated in close geographic areas to promote a short supply chain.


Our hand fabric prints are made using the traditional Indian method: blockprinting. A stamp is carved from wood by an expert craftsman and then, dipped in color, it is placed on the fabric meticulously with great precision, rhythm and patience.

We selected our printing studio because they respect the working conditions of their artisans. The studio is run by a woman, they pay fair wages, private medical insurance, offer family supports during the pandemic, paid leave and an annual bonus. It is the very first studio in India to have obtained the ISO26000 Social Economy Label. This label certifies that the organization follows guidelines relating to the social and environmental responsibility of organizations.

Our studio preserves our planet through local sourcing, low waste production and a low carbon footprint.


Our printing colors are made from GOTS certified organic pigments. The pigments comply with basic requirements on toxicity and biodegradability.

Our ethical commitments

The Holi and Love brand was born from an ambition to promote and disseminate the rich heritage of Indian crafts. We are committed to working respectfully with passionate Indian artisans.

We work above all with people and not factories. We maintain lasting relationships with each link in the chain. We also want to surround ourselves with the right people, which is why we use partners registered in fair trade.